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Sports and Youth Development

AHIP giants, Rising Stars and AHIP queens

This unit is concerned in disseminating information to their fellow young people especially when they are playing matches in the field. They communicate and educate on various health and social issues. Over 500basketball players have been trained as peer health educators on Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) as part of the organization’s long-term strategy of building a critical mass of youth leaders to champion a holistic reproductive Health agenda in a sustainable manner. This intervention was aimed at modifying social arrangements and conditions to promote health and reduce risks in specific young people’s contexts,change social norms, institutional cultures and practices that strengthens young people’s voices, leadership and influence over development policies and programs to ensure the promotion and protection of equal opportunities and rights in both the public and private spheres enhancing young people’s abilities to articulate their priorities, organize, and generate collective action to improve their livelihood options and support community development to reduce the gender-differentiated impact of poverty.

Community Action Through Sports (CATS) football teams

This unit serves as an outreach team that is set out to empower young people from different community to do community work and use their leisure time productively.


Social Education

Also known as community safe space. This unit is mainly concerned with disseminating information to the young people that are out of schools. The age range is from 12-16 years. This unit basically disseminates factual information through skillful facilitation sessions at designated centers within the community. it reaches an average of 300 young girls every 3months from the selected community. Each community reaches 15young girls per quarter. The community education unit is managed by two program assistants including trained community mentors.

Topics addressed in the program includes:

Self–Esteem; Problems youth face;  Values and Decision making;  How to deal with dilemmas; Communication;  Right steps to adolescents development;  First Aid and Emergency Care; Leadership;   Organization and organizing; Stress Management; Problems of growing up;  Reproductive Review; Reproductive systems and Puberty management; Male Circumcision and  Female Genital Mutilation; Gender Roles and Interpersonal Relationship;; Parenting; Problems Teenage Parents Face; Predicting Pregnancy Risks;  STI/HIV; living with and care for HIV persons; rights and obligations of young people; legal protections


The youth friendly services

This project as the name implies is mainly designed for young people and was borne out of the fact that the young people need space and confidentiality when they seek attention to solve their problems. They really need trusted people to talk to and confide in and thus creating a youth friendly and conducive atmosphere is what this unit is mainly concerned in doing.

This project consists of 5 major units and they include the following;

  • Welcoming planet\ orientation bay– This unit is mainly concerned with registering and orienting young people on the major activities undertaken in the organization.
  • Friends galaxy– This is attached to the youth friendly clinic, its primary function is to take a brief history of the clients before sending them to the counseling home.
  • Counseling home-This unit is highly regarded as it provides guidance and counseling to the young people that have medical, psychological and social problems before referrals.
  • Consulting site-This unit prescribes the young people with medical attention and in the case where it becomes necessary it provides referrals to bigger hospitals.
  • Treatment room –Provision of drugs at a cost recovery rate are found in this unit and also minor ailments are being taken care of there.