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Out-Of-School Young People

Out of school project 

This project comprises of young people who are all peer educators but belong to different groups like the youth forum, male basketball team {AHIP giants and the Rising Stars}, female basketball team {AHIP queens} the drama troupe, the Community Action Through Sports (CATS) football club and community education.


Safe Space (SS) for Social Education

SS program for vulnerable young people in-school and out of school. Girls in ranges of age 10-14, 15-19, and 20-24 are brought together in a segment specific, girl-only platforms in cohorts. AHIP work with them on vital health, rights, and social issues concerning their wellbeing. Each cohort of girls contains 15-20 girl and a trained mentor/facilitator is assign to each cohort. The mentors/facilitators (A respected and trusted person in the community) support and provide guidance to the girls in various sessions of discussion and facilitation in a safe and supportive environment free from violence and abuse. In order to develop girls to improve their live chances and reduce negative consequences in life. The young girls in school are called star girls and seen as role models by their peers.

AHIP is running community based safe spaces for girls’ empowerment. The Project is aimed at increasing girls access and use of health information and services, education, financial literacy and other social services including skills to help reduce their vulnerability to physical and sexual abuse. The benefits the girls stand to achieve through this program include skills acquisition, reproductive health information, enhanced health seeking behavior skills, and access to health services in their community.


Topics in a curriculum that the mentors are trained on and in turn teach the Girls include: Values, Goal Setting, Self Esteem, Gender based Violence, Drug Abuse, all components of Reproductive Health, Communication, and Decision Making, etc. All these are to improve their skills and life chances of the girls. There are some suggested qualities expected of a mentor such as Good Character, Self Esteem, Confidentiality, and Empathy. SS information forms are given to each mentor to fill in order to get the general information for each Safe Space established.