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AHIP, a youth-focused non-governmental organization was established in 1989 as a youth club and commenced program implementation in 1992. Its major focus areas are health, social and economic issues related to young people and women. As one of the pioneering organizations on youth development in the Northern part of Nigeria, it has successfully partnered with international and national development agencies, government at national, state and local levels, and also traditional community-based organizations and other stakeholders to establish functional in and out of school youth programs, including sexuality education and comprehensive youth centres/services.

Over the last 20 years AHIP have worked relentlessly to break the culture of silence; create enabling environment for reproductive health, expanded the scope for young people’s health and development, promoted Leadership for Integrated Reproductive Health, Service Delivery and Peaceful Co-existence in Northern Nigeria. The innovative approach of including religious and traditional leaders in the struggle to promote and improve reproductive health situation in Northern Nigeria, especially among women and young people, is a major breakthrough in northern Nigeria.

AHIP’s projects are focused on 12 states of Northern Nigeria, but have partners in all other states of Nigeria. The target groups include young people both in and out-of-school, women of reproductive age and men, leaders from Governmental and NGOs, Mentoring of NGO/CBO/FBO, media practitioners, traditional and religious leaders, health providers, faith and community based organisations and Non Formal Structures. Key strategies in this project include service delivery through establishment and/or upgrading/improving of community-based Reproductive Health facilities (most of which already exist), training and education of key actors, community outreaches through mobilisations, advocacy and sports, IEC & BCC, community organising, networking, tri-media (radio, television and print) campaign and People living with HIV/AIDS.

We also have been managing 5 multi-trade vocational centres in three states (Bauchi, Jigawa and Kano) in northern Nigeria targeting the educationally deprived and economically disadvantaged young people and women. In the same vein, AHIP has a community-based women development program that promotes economic and health empowerment. A major outreach effort of the organization is the promotion of information and education through its basketball and football teams that engages in competition with other teams locally and nation-wide.

The pioneering effort of AHIP in youth development programming in Northern Nigeria has led to its leadership to be actively involved in a number of national Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) planning; working groups; networking or committees. These include, the Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH)-appointed Implementation Committees such as the National working Group for the Advancement of Adolescent Health and Development(ARHD); National working group for Reproductive Health Policy; Member National committee for promoting Health Promotion Policy; Africa Alive (AA) – A national coalition of NGOs for the Prevention and control of HIV/AIDS amongst the adolescents; Member Youth Network on HIV/AIDS, Population and Development in Nigeria(NYNETHA); Civil Society Action Coalition on Education for All(CSACEFA); Civil Society for HIV & AIDS in Nigeria (CiSHAN).

Mile Stones

1989    Origin of AHIP as a ‘Youth Club’


1992    Registered AHIP as a NGO in Kano state and started off with basic activities like health talks; had only 1 staff then; published its first newsletter


1993    Started ‘Peer health education’ in its 3 focal states (Kano, Bauchi and Jigawa) and ‘School Principals training’ in 20 schools


1993    Started sports for development


1994    Started its ‘Vocational training centre’; office set-up in a 2-bedroom flat with 3 staffs


1995    Introduced ‘Basket ball’ as a tool for using leisure time productively and for awareness generation on various health issues among youth, for the first time in Nigeria; conducted 1st Youth forum – developing peer health educators


1996    Started first ‘Youth friendly clinic’; started the ‘In-school’ programmes and introduced Reproductive Health curriculum (in piecemeal manner) – Started the ‘Carnival of Learning’


1998    For the first time Traditional leaders / ward heads were trained on various topics related to Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS in the 3 focal states of Kano, Bauchi and Jigawa


1999    Register with Cooperate Affairs as a national organization


2002    AHIP set-up its head office building


2003    Started programme on drug abuse reduction


2004    For the first time integrated Family Life Education into the school curriculum


2005    Set-up AHIP Institute for Human Development (AIHD)


2006    For the first time started training for Faith Based organizations (Imams and Pastors); renovate about 12 clinics, to start Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS services; expanded coverage to 10 states


2007    Start the Safe Space Youth Club for Girls