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By In Blog, News On May 30, 2021

Empowerment the core value of AHIP, the organization has taken upon itself to organize 2days of training in conjunction with VSO for 50 government extension workers on issues as it relates to agroecological farming practice, in other to reach out to other farmers within and outside their communities. The training covers, what good agronomic practices is (grains). Proper Fertilizer application. Preparing a nursery for Vegetables and Fruits and the proposed Safety use of pesticides.

In the same line of empowerment, a 2-day Capacity   building was organized for   Agricultural   Extension Volunteers/volunteer groups 40 participants were selected from the 2 LGA 20 per community at the end   of   the   activities   the   extension   workers   were   able   to come up with innovative ideas to relate with their farmers

In the same light AHIP organized 3days of training on AGRIBUSINESS AND STRENGTHENING THE CAPACITY, MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP OF AFAN, ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN FARMERS, YOUTH FARMERS ASSOCIATION KANO, the essence is to strengthen the Capacity, Management and Leadership of AFAN, Association of Women Farmers and Youth Farmers’ Association.  They were Empowered on how to link and negotiate with Off-takers, transact fairly in the market, and access financial opportunities. Understanding Leadership, Gender Issues and Women in Leadership, Farmers’ Organizations, Leadership in Practice, Innovation Platform Concept and Economics of Farm Operations, Risk Management and Business Continuity Planning.

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